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Carly's main focus is the health and happiness of her horses. She has taken her experiences of cross-training from the UK and applied them to her own training system. Integrating her weekly work with a blend of hacking, cavaletti's, hill work, lunging and sometimes beach or xc schooling. 

You can see some cross-training videos via her social media. 

Young to Grand Prix

Carly has a wealth of knowledge and experience bringing up young horses, having backed and trained many of her own. She has broken in and started numerous babies for breeders and owners, along with preparing some of them for re-sale. 


"I love riding the babies and taking them through the levels, it's a strong passion of mine to be able to train them from beginning to end and I feel it's one of the best ways to really form a partnership. My goal is to produce a solid line up of horses to Grand Prix and hopefully provide the USA with future team horses. I currently have a few exciting ones ranging in age but I'm constantly thinking about how to further develop the string." - Carly 

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