Ulf's First Show

October 23, 2013

From Carly:


Ulf competed his first show with me last weekend and was super, scoring 66% in the PSG and 67% in his first ever Int 1. With practice, practice, practice this horse is going to be really come into himself! I look forward to finding his perfect home, and am confident he can progress into the 70's.


The other ponies are also doing well. Bruno has been a total legend this past week; I have been giving lessons on him to a lady whom is waiting for her horse to arrive in California. He hasn't put a foot out of line. A truck was picking up the trash right next to the arena while she was riding and he didn't bat an eyelid...what a saint!


I have been working towards PSG on him, ready for the next season. The tempi's are a little tricky, keeping them forward and straight can be a little challenging considering he is not quite aware of where his legs are sometimes. He almost has the piaffe down to an art, and the passage is coming along. He is such a joy to work with.


Neo is back in work and loving it- I think!? Keeps him ticking over and moving. That guy is just a tempi machine, wish he could teach his little bother his moves.


Until next time,




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