Behind the Scenes: Carly's Inspiration

October 24, 2013

Ever wondered what inspires elite riders? 


Turns out, many of the same things that motivate all horse lovers.  Carly sat down for a few minutes to share a few of her current sources of inspiration:



 - Tim Flach is one of my favourite animal photographers...I have his 'Equus' book and the images are stunning. (See his work at


- Edward Gal is an amazing rider...he has the most beautiful seat and such a talent for training. (See one of Gal's rides at


- This is a great clip from Olympic Champion Laura Tomlinson on the Pursuit of Perfection -


- Of course, Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro's World Record 93% test. What an inspiration and British too; what more can one ask for?!  (Click here to watch the ride.)  Learn more about how Charlotte trains and prepares at



We will sit down with Carly again soon for more inspiring dressage resources.  Until then, happy riding!

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