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Kim Shobel | Essential Equine
Massage Therapy
Kim Schobel is an accomplished Equine Sports Massage Therapist. Kim makes sure Carly's horses are in tip top condition throughout the year, especially during show season.
"Horses respond best to pressure release techniques. Equine Bodywork therapy targets all 84 pressure points on both sides of the horse. Each point functions a specific muscle group. Using pressure release to work through superficial, medial, deep tissue down to the direct nerve allows cramped, tence, restricted muscles to soften, expand and release. Precise pressure combined with appropriate stretches, and lifts will leave the horse feeling comfortable and well balanced. More benefits include:*Increased range of motion*Improve stamina*Improved disposition*Provide comfort to muscle injuries*Enhance the performance and gait quality*Improve circulation*Reduce the tactile defence-(desensitization)*Assess physical conditionOther cridentials include:Majored in equine nutritionBiomechanicsSaddle fitMyfacial ReleaseCranioSacral Therapy"- Kim Schobel CEBW.
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Equestrian Management Agency


A leading management, marketing and events agency working globally across equestrian sport

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Stephanie Sehault | Advanced Physio
Physio Therapy

Stephanie  graduated with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy and Bachelors of Health Science from Loma Linda University in 2008.  Because she is also an equestrian she has been able to combine her passion for fitness, health and alignment with her passion for horses.


Stephanie attended the USEF HSSM clinic  given by Andy Thomas in October 2017.  Stephanie is now a part of a small group of physical therapists recognized by the USEF to treat equestrian athletes.  She is currently contracted with USEF to work with all the riders who are invited to be a part of the developing dressage clinics.

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